Finding Your Voice Project

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The challenges of young females in particular, living in a society that wants them to conform to certain standards, can be quite difficult. Our 6th grade girls were facing this while preparing to move into new schools for the first time. Being a male afforded me an opportunity address this in a unique way.

I reached out to my female guidance counselor and led a three day lunch group over three weeks to informally and openly discuss the emotions that they might be experiencing. We watched TED talks from female leaders about their journeys in discovering their voice, and I shared personal anecdotes from my life. On the final day, we had each girl write a letter of advice and encouragement to themselves that would be delivered to them as they enter high school in two years.

As school leaders, we need to remind ourselves to empathize with the challenges that our adolescents are dealing with and mentor our children.While much of what we teach may be forgotten in time, the personalities we help develop will flourish for entire lives.